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Q. When taking chemotherapy, how soon will I lose my hair?
A. Typically It is seven to ten days after your first treatment before the hair starts coming out. It varies with each person based on the combination of drugs used I can provide more information by speaking with you.

Q. When will my hair start to grow back?
A. Within a short time after your last treatment. Most people’s hair grows an average of one half inch a month. In ninety- nine percent of cases, the hair comes back in curly and usually goes back to its natural state within one or two years.

Q. Does insurance cover wigs?
A. Tricare, BCBS FEP and some other plans now pay a part or all of the price. Medicare and Medicaid do not ever pay. I recommend that you call the number on the back of your card and ask what their policy is, if pays, how much, etc.

Q. Does insurance cover mastectomy bras and breast forms?
A. Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances, BCBS etc. pay part or all of the price, depending upon the way your plan is set up. This is something we always discuss with our patients when consulting with them the first time. Some products are more expensive then what the insurance allows because of added features that standard prostheses and bras don’t have. All breast prostheses are warranted for two years.

Q. How soon can I be fitted with breast forms and bras after mastectomy?
A. I recommend six to eight weeks later before fitting to make sure you are completely healed, have no remaining fluid and basically free of most discomfort. This also varies depending on how fast your sensitivity goes away and how fast you heal. Some heal in less than the time mentioned and some have to wait longer. After seeing each patient, I can determine if she is ready or not.

Q. Are wigs hot?
A. Some can be hotter than others. It depends upon the type of construction of the wig. I have a product that can be placed around the circumference of the head that helps with cooling, any itching that might occur and the security of keeping the wig in place.

Q. Should I get a synthetic wig or a human hair wig?
I recommend synthetic wigs for several reasons. They are lighter weight, don’t break off like human hair can, are made in different styles, straight to curly and in between making them much easier to care for because you don’t curl them. They are also a lot less expensive but look just as good as and sometimes better than human hair. If you want human hair so you can create different styles just as with your own hair, then I definitely will meet your needs. My logic behind recommending synthetic is that you are dealing with enough with the treatments without having to do your wig every day.