Touching Women's Lives with Compassion and Understanding

What most everyone has to say about Special Touch by Eunice can't really be explained in words. It's more of a heart-felt emotion they feel. Owner Eunice Walker and her staff bring expertise, a positive attitude, and compassion to those diagnosed with or battling cancer. They truly know what women with breast cancer are going through as they are all survivors. Eunice explains, "We focus just on cancer, primarily breast cancer. We're unique in the fact that we don't dabble in anything else. By doing this we can focus all our time to our cancer patients".

For Eunice, the boutique she founded in 1993 is more than just a's a ministry birthed from adversity and grounded in love. "After my personal recovery experience from breast cancer and deaths of a son, two brothers, and a sister, I knew I was given a ministry and purpose for my life."

Special Touch by Eunice provides clients with a full line of services and products for before, during and after cancer, such as pre-surgery consultations. The staff is certified for fitting mastectomy/lumpectomy breast forms, bras, compression sleeves and wigs. The boutique also features attachable breast forms, customized wigs, headwear, natural deodorants, therapy lotions, special shampoos and post-surgery undergarments. "We're truly a total image recovery center as we strive to help clients look and feel better," she states. "The gratifiying part is seeing our clients leaving with a smile and feeling normal again."

The staff consists of Eunice, Lisa Williams, Terri Harper, and Youell Singleton. "I met Eunice when I came to be fitted after my surgery in 2002." Lisa says. "I began working with her after I finished treatment. Eunice is very compassionate. She relates well to people and is genuine. A new client will know she cares about them, and that's important to us and to each client. We're all breast cancer survivors, we do understand and can offer practical advice."

Terri says, "Our boutique has a peaceful, caring atmosphere. When new cleints come in Eunice makes them feel better-helps take the fears away as she shares her story and gives all the options there are to make their decisions. Doctors that know us tell patients we're all survivors. When new patients come in they know that it's different here."

Youell adds, "I came to Eunice to be fitted in 1994, it was a very comfortable experience. I came to work with her in early 2001. It's joy to work with Eunice. Since we've all had cancer we strive to encourage and help our cleints."

Eunice's mission is to continue to help women and be around when a cure is found. She says to remember survival is a privilege and recovery is a choice.

Special Touch by Eunice is a Board Certified and accredited facility that touches women's lives wih compassion and understanding.